Panoramas from the Opera Tower construction site

Multiple high definition panoramas from the place where the Opera Tower will be constructed. Aerial photography from different altitudes.

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Downtown at twilight

Ekaterinburg downtown at twilight:

From skyscrapercity


The 100+ Forum Russia

More than 500 professionals gathered on 100+ Forum Russia 2014 conference and professionally oriented exhibition in Ekaterinburg. Top-managers of development companies, leading architects, designers, experts in the construction of high-rise buildings.

The 100+ Forum Russia focuses on skyscrapers, their past, present and future, their problems, advantages, prospects, and influence upon the global business system.
  • Capitalization of Space. High-rise Structure in Urban Environment
  • Tower of the Future. Challenges of High-rise Construction
  • The wildest dreams of modern architects about high-rise construction (entries)
  • Project Specific Technical Specifications and Regulatory Control of High-rise Construction in Russia
  • Efficient Design Concepts. Steel Structures and Reinforced Concrete in High-rise Construction
  • 200+ Buildings. Siting and Design
  • Innovations in High-rise Facility Construction
  • Organization of Construction Works for One-of-a-kind High-rise Facilities
  • Green High-rise Construction. Passive Skyscraper


топ-менеджеры известных строительных компаний, ведущие архитекторы, инженеры-проектировщики, эксперты в сфере строительства высотных зданий. Например Алехандро Сточчетти, директор Чикагского архитектурного бюро, которое построило самое высокое здание в мире – башню «Бурдж Халифа» в Дубае. Сточчетти признался, что хотел бы поработать в Екатеринбурге и создать небоскреб, подобный «Бурдж Халифу»

Источник: http://aktualno.ru/view/sverdlovsk/economy/17403


Victory Day fireworks

Victory Day fireworks celebration in Ekaterinburg 9 of May 2014

Photo by Alexey Petalenko. More photos are here: http://pitalenko.livejournal.com/43254.html


Base Jump from Iset Tower

Base Jump from 38-th floor of Iset Tower that is currently under construction.

Details and photos are here.


Iset Tower - Construction Progress

Construction Progress in November 2013. Approximately 40 floors are constructed, 10 floors left:

Photos by Umformer and Revenger_666 from SkyscraperCity forum.


Opera Building

Construction of new skyscraper started in Ekaterinburg. "Opera" - 43 floor highrise will be located just next to Antey tower on the cross of Malysheva and Krasnoarmeyskaya streets.

Opera is multifunctional complex containing apartments, offices, shopping galleries and five star hotel. Previously it was planned that the building will used for Radisson Blu hotel, but this plan was cancelled.

Developer of the building is AtomStroyKompleks - one of the largest development companies of Ekaterinburg.

The plan is to complete development in 2016. Currently foundation contraction is in progress (photos from skyscrapercity.com):

Construction site location (2gis map):