Antey-3 construction progress

By the beginning of November: 47 floors have been completed, 3 floors is left. So Antey-3 can be topped out till the end of year 2008.

Photo by AlMax (from SkyscraperCity forum)


Project-map of Ekaterinburg

Here is a map with new projects:

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Night panorama of the city center

Night panorama of the Ekaterinburg center

Photo by AlMax.

On this photo you can see World Trade Center (blue building at the left) and Antey towers (Red buildings at the right side).


Hyatt Hotel Project

The construction of the five-star Hyatt Hotel in the Ekaterinburg-City district is to be completed this year. Hotel will be located in the center of the city of Ekaterinburg on banks of Iset river. 80 meters high, includes 300 rooms with panoramic view over the city. Entertainment space will include fitness-center with a swimming pool and SPA on the 19th floor. There will be two restaurants, 6 meeting rooms and one more big meeting room for 600 persons.

The smallest standard double room is 34,5 sq.m., the biggest president apartment is 225 sq.m. Hayatt hotel of Ekaterinburg is oriented for businessmen and high-ranking officials.

The building concept was developed from sketches produced by Valerie Vaconsin, the winner of Valode & Pistre's international design competition in 2004.

The main project's investor is the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC).

Floor area: 31 300 sq.m.
Floors: 21
Rooms: 300
Height: 83 m.
Underground parking: 135 lots

Construction of the Hyatt hotel was started in the end of year 2005 and took nearly 3 years.

Hyatt Hotel in Ekaterinburg Hyatt Hotel in Yekaterinburg


Photo of Ekaterinburg-City

Very nice photo of Ekaterinburg-City at night:

Ekaterinburg-City at night


Video about Ekaterinburg

Video about Ekaterinburg and it's history by "Russia Today".

Antey-3 construction

Photos of Antey-3 construction:

View from historical square Antey-3 construction 14.07.2008


Elevators for "Demidov" center

ThyssenKrupp Elevator company has concluded the contract on delivery and installation of 31 elevators for the business center "Demidov".

The delivered elevators are an embodiment of the exclusive and stylish design combining matte glass, stainless steel, mirror and granite floor.

The time of elevating from the first floor to the top (33 floor) will not exceed 30 seconds.


Small video of Antey-3 construction.

You can here sound of construction process... 35 floors completed by now, 17 floors left... (-:

Business center "Demidov" project

"Demidov" is the business center, situated in Ekaterinburg-City district, on the side of Iset-river. "Demidov" center consists of two buildings.

The heart of first (9-stores) building is congress-hall. It's located in the center of the building under large dome of glass. Congress-hall's area is 2500 sq.meters. and it can seat 1000 people. There will be shop gallery, cafes and fitness-center with water pull.

Second building is 33-stores high rise tower with offices and helipad on the roof.

Both buildings will be finished in the beginning of 2009 year.

Business center Demidov
Business center Demidov night render
Business center Demidov at night


Iset tower plan

Iset tower plan is available now! You can see it on following pictures:

Iset tower plan Iset tower floor plans


Webcameras in Ekaterinburg

Interesting resource: web-cameras in Ekaterinburg, there you can see videos of city street-life.

Webcamera in Ekaterinburg

All webcams here.


Iset Tower project

Iset Tower is the first skyscraper that will be built in Ekaterinburg-City district. It will contain luxury apartments and business club with private casino. Tower will be linked to the Hyatt Hotel by by a closed foot bridge. On the top floor winter garden will be placed.

Architectural design of Iset Tower was developed by Valode & Pistre. It was designed in form of ascending spiral. The facades will be covered by champagne colored iridescent metal and glass.

Tower height: 215 meters, 47 floors.

Construction of Iset Tower started in spring 2008.

You can see construction progress in Iset thread on SkyscraperCity forum.

Iset Tower night render


Ekaterinburg-City project

Ekaterinburg-City is a commercial district in the center of Ekaterinburg. It will consolidate about 400 000 m2 of commercial space, offices, hotel, luxury apartment buildings. The project's primary investor is Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company.

Ekaterinburg-City render

Complex will contain several buildings:

- Hyatt hotel (20 stores, 2008)
- Demidov (33 stores, 2009)
- Iset tower (47 stores, 2009)
- Ural tower (70 stores, after 2010)
- Tatischev tower (45 stores, after 2010)
- Gennin tower (50 stores, after 2010)
- Complex of low-rise buildings

Architectural design of Ekaterinburg-City was developed by Valode & Pistre.


Antey project

Antey is business complex, consisting of several buildings:
- Antey-1 was completed in 2004, it is 19-storey tower, containing a bank, shops, offices, small hotel and observation site on the roof.
- Antey-2 was completed in 2006 - 8-storey building, with mainly trade areas.
- Antey-3 is 48-storey skyscraper, it will be finished in 2009 year. 1-30 floors will contain offices, on 31-45 floors will be **** hotel, and on the top bar and restaurant are planed.

It's height will be more then 180 meters, so it will be highest building in Russia outside Moscow.

Construction of the Antey-3 costs more then $150,000,000.

You can see construction progress in Antey-3 thread on SkyscraperCity forum.

View from observation site on Antey-1:
Night view from Antey

Future view of Antey-3:
Antey-3 render

See also: Antey-3 thread on SkyscraperCity forum


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