Ekaterinburg-City project

Ekaterinburg-City is a commercial district in the center of Ekaterinburg. It will consolidate about 400 000 m2 of commercial space, offices, hotel, luxury apartment buildings. The project's primary investor is Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company.

Ekaterinburg-City render

Complex will contain several buildings:

- Hyatt hotel (20 stores, 2008)
- Demidov (33 stores, 2009)
- Iset tower (47 stores, 2009)
- Ural tower (70 stores, after 2010)
- Tatischev tower (45 stores, after 2010)
- Gennin tower (50 stores, after 2010)
- Complex of low-rise buildings

Architectural design of Ekaterinburg-City was developed by Valode & Pistre.


Antey project

Antey is business complex, consisting of several buildings:
- Antey-1 was completed in 2004, it is 19-storey tower, containing a bank, shops, offices, small hotel and observation site on the roof.
- Antey-2 was completed in 2006 - 8-storey building, with mainly trade areas.
- Antey-3 is 48-storey skyscraper, it will be finished in 2009 year. 1-30 floors will contain offices, on 31-45 floors will be **** hotel, and on the top bar and restaurant are planed.

It's height will be more then 180 meters, so it will be highest building in Russia outside Moscow.

Construction of the Antey-3 costs more then $150,000,000.

You can see construction progress in Antey-3 thread on SkyscraperCity forum.

View from observation site on Antey-1:
Night view from Antey

Future view of Antey-3:
Antey-3 render

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