New Hotel in Koltsovo Airport

New 4-stars hotel "Angelo" was opened in Koltsovo, international airport of Ekaterinburg. Hotel will be managed by Austrian company Vienna International Hotel Management, which already manages more than 40 hotels in 10 countries in Europe.

Hotel complex was developed by Renova Group (Russia) and Warimpex Finanz-und Beteiligungs AG (Austria). Total investment in project development and construction is 1.8 billion rubles (60 million u.s. dollars).

The hotel is connected with airport terminals and includes 221 rooms, bars and restaurants, 12 conference halls and underground parking. Total area of the complex is 17000 square meters.


Ekaterinburg on Earth TV

Ekaterinburg became first city in Russia presented on Earth TV - worldwide web camera network. On this site you can see live panoramic views from camera installed on the building in Ekaterinburg downtown.

Ekaterinburg live view from web-camera on EarthTV


Virtual Tour of Ekaterinburg

A lot of panoramic views like these can be found on SityScanner.ru. You can easily navigate from one view to another or choose a place to view on the map. It's recommended to see photos in full screen mode (just click on a photo by right button and choose "Fullscreen" option). Unfortunately site is available in Russian only yet.

Sverdlovsk region government and parliament buildings, Hyatt hotel:
Sverdlovsk region government and parliament buildings, Hyatt hotel
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Antey and Malysheva street:
Antey and Malysheva street
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City streets:
City streets
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Church on the Blood:
Church on the Blood
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Koltsovo International Airport

Koltsovo is the airport of Ekaterinburg. It is the largest airport (by passenger traffic) in Russia except airports in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Passenger numbers in last three years are:

2008: 2,529,395 (+ 7.3%)
2007: 2,345,097 (+ 32.9%)
2006: 1,764,948

Airport complex was fully renewed last several years. Two modern terminals was finished in 2005 and 2007 years. Express-train station was launched in 2008. Third terminal and new control tower will be finished this year. A new large cargo terminal and logistics center and are also planed.

Koltsovo International Airport, Ekaterinburg


One more photo - Belinskogo street

Photo of Ekaternburg - Belinskogo street, Antey-3

By the way, Antey-3 is already topped out!

Photo by Stephen-vumnik