Koltsovo International Airport

Koltsovo is the airport of Ekaterinburg. It is the largest airport (by passenger traffic) in Russia except airports in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Passenger numbers in last three years are:

2008: 2,529,395 (+ 7.3%)
2007: 2,345,097 (+ 32.9%)
2006: 1,764,948

Airport complex was fully renewed last several years. Two modern terminals was finished in 2005 and 2007 years. Express-train station was launched in 2008. Third terminal and new control tower will be finished this year. A new large cargo terminal and logistics center and are also planed.

Koltsovo International Airport, Ekaterinburg


L said...

Great job Alex! Ekaterinburg city is an amazing project. Cheers, Liz (from Ekaterinburg)

Alex Kofman said...

Thanks (-: