Ekaterinburg on Earth TV

Ekaterinburg became first city in Russia presented on Earth TV - worldwide web camera network. On this site you can see live panoramic views from camera installed on the building in Ekaterinburg downtown.

Ekaterinburg live view from web-camera on EarthTV


Virtual Tour of Ekaterinburg

A lot of panoramic views like these can be found on SityScanner.ru. You can easily navigate from one view to another or choose a place to view on the map. It's recommended to see photos in full screen mode (just click on a photo by right button and choose "Fullscreen" option). Unfortunately site is available in Russian only yet.

Sverdlovsk region government and parliament buildings, Hyatt hotel:
Sverdlovsk region government and parliament buildings, Hyatt hotel
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Antey and Malysheva street:
Antey and Malysheva street
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City streets:
City streets
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Church on the Blood:
Church on the Blood
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