New Ekaterinburg pictures

New Ekaterinburg pictures taken from the roof of unfinished building in the city downtown.

Ekaterinburg night skyline picture
City at night

Ekaterinburg night street picture
Night street view

Onegin building in Ekaterinburg
Onegin building: hotel and business center

Photos by PomidoricH from SSC forum


Iset Tower construction resumed

Construction of the Iset Tower, which was suspended because of the financial crisis in 2008, resumed this week. Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UGMC), inversor of the project, plans to complete construction in 2014.

Iset Tower Construction Site

Construction is on foundation ditch stage now:

Iset Tower Foundation Ditch

See details at SSC forum.


New photos of Ekaterinburg street life

Pedestrian street in Ekaterinburg
Vainera - main pedestrian street

Iset river, Ekaterinburg
Iset riverside

Photo by Umformer from SSC forum


Ekaterinburg SSC banner

Recent Ekaterinburg banner on SkyscraperCity.com

Ekaterinburg banner on SkyscraperCity.com


Ekaterinbug skyline photos

Here is a set of Ekaterinburg skyline photos taken from several unfinished buildings.

Ekaterinburg city center
Ekaterinburg-city from Prizma tower
View along Kuybysheva street
Antey and buildings near Radisheva street
Genegal panorama of Ekaterinurg
All photos was taken by Unformer from SSC forum.


Video of Ekaterinburg streets from Antey-3

Here is pretty nice live video of Ekaterinburg streets from Antey-3 Tower: