Vysotsky is officially opened

Vysotsky skyscraper was officially open on November 25. The building is 190 meters height (54 floors) and has 24 elevators. It is the highest building in Russia outside Moscow and the northernmost skyscraper in the world.

Construction was started in 2005 and have been finished in 2011.

Photo by Gelio-nsk


Iset Tower - New Project

On Monday 17 of October new project of the Iset Tower was officially presented. New project is completely different from first one. Iset Tower will be 52 floors residential building with 250 apartments. Entertainment and fitness facilities will be placed on the first four floors.

New Iset tower project

Total cost of the construction is $180 million. 30% will be invested by Ural Mining and Metallurgical company, 70% by Gazprombank.

Tower will be finished in 2013-2014 years.

Height: 52 floors, 209 meters
Apartments: 250, from 80 to 490 square meters each
Total area: 70600 square meters
Underground parking: 420 cars
Elevators: 6 (plus emergency one)


Ekaterinburg city center panorama

By Umformer from SkyscraperCity


Sunset Photos

Awesome photos of winter Ekaterinburg at sunset:

Winter Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg at sunset

Photos by photographer Alexey Pitalenko, see more photos here.


Iset tower construction photos

Iset Tower foundation, January 2011:
Iset tower foundation

Underground level construction, February 2011:
Iset tower underground level

Construction site view from Demidov tower:
Construction site view from Demidov tower

Iset construction site and Hyatt hotel:
Iset tower underground level

Photos from SSC forum.


Koltsovo airport statistics 2010

Koltsovo airport has served 2.748.919 passengers in 2010 year, that is 26,7% more than in 2009. Cargo traffic has grown on 68,9% and reached 22.945 tons.

2010: 2.748.919 (+ 26.7%)
2009: 2.160.000 (- 14.0%)
2008: 2.529.395 (+ 7.3%)
2007: 2.345.097 (+ 32.9%)
2006: 1.764.948

Koltsovo airport panorama